Staying Ahead of the Curve: Economic Slowdowns & Monetary Policy

Oil embargos, subprime mortgages, and dot-com bubbles – we all hear about what drives recessions, but how exactly do we recover from one? Is it even possible to correct one with the traditional policy tools used by banks in the past anymore? Staying Ahead of the Curve


The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) is a government-funded program to assist students to pay for their post-secondary education. OSAP has made headlines after Doug Ford’s government announced funding and payment changes, impacting countless students across the province. What do these changes mean and why are they significant? qgm-osap-presentation_kr

The World in 2019

Each QGM region reviewed their predictions for 2018 and offered new predictions for what economic and political trends they think will headline the news in 2019. the-world-in-2019-vf

Canadian Healthcare: Reform or Revolution?

Think two-tiered health care will fix Medicare’s problems? It may not be that simple. QGM’s Co-Chairs: Gavrilo Randjelovic and Katie Russell examine the history behind Canada’s healthcare policy as well as the current problems we see it have to this day and look at the pros and cons of reforming the single payer system or…

The Middle Eastern Proxy War

The Middle East has gained a globally notorious reputation for the decades of conflict that have plagued the region. Currently, the region has four failed states, three of which are currently battling civil wars. Furthermore, countless terrorist organizations and armed militias are seizing power in the vacuum left by ineffective and powerless governments. To the…

Diplomacy or Death: Iran’s Fate under President Trump

Pressure is continuing to build forcing Iran to make grave mistakes in Europe. Is the U.S. trying to force Tehran into reopening the nuclear deal, or affect regime change? Are the Iran Sanctions having as enormous economic consequences as people are saying?  

Emerging Markets and Currency Crisis

Recently, Emerging Markets has been a heavily discussed phenomenon in the world of investing and finance. Although we have witnessed the atrocious volatility of these markets, the potential for high gains continues to attract investors across the globe. This publication will educate on emerging markets, provide in-depth analysis for specific emerging market countries, and delve…