About Us

Queen’s Global Markets (“QGM”), at its genesis, was concerned with the policy of the central banks. In the years since the financial crisis, central bank policy has become the single most influential factor in the financial markets. The goal of central banks is to control monetary policy with tools such as interest rates and consequently, the money supply. Their actions are determined by, and in turn, affect key economic variables like inflation, GDP and exchange rates. QGM has a mandate to monitor the economic variables and public policy decisions of the important economies in the world and to offer ideas and actions that direct policy-makers. Therefore, QGM is a premier undergraduate think-tank that considers the forces that make the world turn.

QGM is dedicated to disseminating to the student body the knowledge of global economic and public policy affairs using economic concepts to illustrate complex developments across the globe. Teams are organized into six regions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Asia Pacific and China. Each team publishes reports and presentations on their region, which are available through our website. In addition, we host weekly seminars featuring insight and analysis based on these works. We welcome the public to take part in our dialogue.

In 2012-2013, QGM was ratified under the Commerce Society (“COMSOC”) for the unique role it plays in the commerce community. It is the only student organization in COMSOC that is solely dedicated to the advancement of economic and public policy knowledge. Since then, the organization has grown from four regions to six in order to provide better coverage of the world. To staff the expansion, QGM hired broadly across all years in commerce to establish a stellar cast of high-performing, analytical thinkers. To begin the 2013-2014 year, a fresh branding campaign and a new website gave the club greater visibility, helping disseminate knowledge and attract talent.

In an increasingly interconnected and fast-changing world, globally-minded and economically fluent organizations like QGM are in high demand. The macro-thesis is relevant in essentially any business (and non-business) profession. QGM endeavours to cultivate exceptional individuals to create the premier undergraduate think-tank in Canada. We invite you to read our publications, attend our seminars, peruse our resume book and apply to join our organization.