Economic Zones: China’s First Venture into the Market Economy

China’s rapidly developing economy has been of great curiosity for many years. Its policies have pulled half the population out of poverty and dramatically increased GDP per capita, year over year, at an unprecedented rate. In response to the announcement of China’s new economic expansion plans in Xiongan, this report explores one of the core…

Economics of the Dark Web: The Lesser of Two Evils?

QGM’s Eurozone team will be covering a history of the dark web and its pros and cons for transactions of illicit goods, alongside an in-depth look at the other contentious uses of the dark web and how the governments should respond to them. Dark-Web-Oct-19-vF  

The Aftermath of Brexit

Full Presentation Due to the distrust of incumbent politicians, immigration, and the rise of populist and anti-globalization sentiment, districts of “Leave” voters overturned the U.K.’s decades-long membership within the EU on June 23. QGM examines the choices that the U.K. needs to make between sovereignty and trade access, through a four option game theory-like model…

Post Nuclear Sanction Iran

In January 2016 sanctions were lifted and Iran was opened up to the rest of the world economy. After years of limited investment and access to export markets Iran has the opportunity to reach its full potential. How will continued support of terrorism and human rights violations hold up their economic development? Full Presentation

2016 Predictions

The QGM team presents what they believe will occur over the course of 2016.  Predictions cover: election outcomes, economic development challenges, and economic growth prospects.  Predictions made in 2015 were revisited and evaluated for accuracy. Full Presentation QGM Predictions 2016

QGM 2015 Summer Update

QGM examines major economic and political developments across the world during the summer of 2015.  Among those events assessed are: the Canadian federal election, Malaysian 1MDB scandal, Mexican Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) win, and Brazil’s fiscal challenges. Full Report QGM 2015 Summer Update